MechaStellar: Updated Mech Creation Part Three

Combat Roles

When we first put together MechaStellar has a fun set of combat rules for our miniature Mechs we put units into a few different categories. Previously we had Versatile, Gunner, Hi-Mobility and a close-combat Brawler.

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MechaStellar: Updated Mech Creation Part Two

Shooting & Evade

Something we learned from Version 3 was it’s actually a lot more fun to give the Defender the ability to roll. Previously it was d20 + Shooting modifier versus the target’s Evade (a static number). We found it was a lot more fun to have the Attacker have a flat value and let the Defender roll to Evade putting them in control of their destiny.

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MechaStellar: Updated Mech Creation Part One

It’s been a year so let’s run through some major changes to Mech Creation. In this post we’re focus on a Mech’s Frame Level and the derived stats that can come from that.

In the past there was a cutoff where certain formulas would change. For example Frame 3+ suits had more expensive Performance and Pilot Skill. Similarly, Frame 4+ units got more bang for their buck when it came to the Reinforced EQ option. We’ve since leveled the field on points cost, and made Reinforce scale with every Frame level instead of a cut off. Below are some changes.

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Mechastellar – Battle Report – Assault the Hidden Fortress Zeta

AEUG Setup

NOTE: I took a break from blogging for a bit as my duties at work increased.  These drafts are from the VER 2 rule set, we’ve since had many playtests and made it to VER 5 which is a very different game.  We’ll have more to post in the future.

Before we put the terrain away we decided it would be fun to try out a game using Zeta Gundam units and see the overall mission would change now that we were using higher performing units with better movement and mobility.

On the AEUG Side we have a Hyaku Shiki, Dijeh, and three Nemos pictured above.  For a total of 500 points and 22 Pilot Skill.  On the Titans side we have a larger force including two Ace Pilot Asshimars, 2x Hizack Cannons, a Guntank II, and 5 Marasais for 500 points and 42 Pilot Skill.  As the AEUG player I found the difference in Pilot Skill to use this game pretty daunting.

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Battlefield Report: Assault the Hidden Base

Start Superoverhead All

NOTE: I took a break from blogging for a bit as my duties at work increased.  These drafts are from the VER 2 rule set, we’ve since had many playtests and made it to VER 5 which is a very different game.  We’ll have more to post in the future.

This past weekend we busted out some of favorite terrain to give this scenario another try.  It involves one force dropping into a forest to assault a hidden mountain base replete with anti-aircraft guns.  It also gave us a chance to continue testing Shield rules and see if we wanted to adjust things.  Here’s the Battle Report with a round by round summary.

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MechaStellar: Pilot Skill – Shooting and Evade


Gundam ZeongWhen it comes to designing a Mech in MechaStellar there are three pillars to build off of.  Frame Level, Performance Level, and Pilot Level.  We use these three categories to build just about any suit.  We have grunt suits with ace pilots (Low Frame, High Pilot), Prototype Units with inexperienced pilots (High Frame, Low Pilot) and all-rounders like my favorite the GM Custom (Mid Frame, Mid Performance, and Mid-High Pilot Level).

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MechaStellar: Playtest Report – 0083 Space Skirmish

Gelgoog Marine Cima

One very nice benefit to the stay at home order is that we’ve had a lot more time around the house to take care of chores, cook some really healthy meals and work on some hobbies.  Following some successful Zeta tests where we were able to try out a new Skill system that was a bit more engaging giving player’s more agency we decided to do another round of testing this time using some newly minted 0083 suits.

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Mechastellar: Deciding when to Twin-Link


In today’s post I’d like to talk about choosing equipment for your Mech.  Right now, my wife and I are watching through 0083 A Stardust Memory (Mayfly of Space).  For me it’s a rewatch after about 10 years, for her it’s the first time so it’s a new experience for the both of us.

When I’m designing Mobile Suits I usually try to wait until I watch the series they are in again.  In the case of MSV-R type suits, I don’t want to work on them unless I’ve recently read the sidestory they’re in or played in a game that does them justice.  There are many version of Gelgoog available to choose from, and now that we’ve entered space in the show it’s given me a chance to start designing the Gelgoog Marines.

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